e-nnovation lab offers organizational, management and ICT consulting services designed specifically for medium-sized enterprises. The e-nnovation lab team boasts a long list of best practices which, together with a pragmatic work method and strong problem-solving skills, make it the ideal partner for companies in search of innovation.

areas of intervention

e-nnovation lab works in the following areas of intervention:

Context analysis (current & future state) and project prioritization

  • multidisciplinary analysis of areas in which digital transformation can take place;
  • identification of possible projects and evaluation of return on investment; 
  • identification of investment, development and application priorities.

Implementation support:

  • consulting in the choice of technologies (ERP, CRM, Big Data & Analytics, AI, IOT, etc.) to be implemented and coaching throughout the implementation phases;
  • support for the detailed definition of the project, the choice of suppliers for the different technologies and complete management of the supply process;
  • management capacity of complex international networks.

Business Process Reengineering:

  • systematic approach to optimizing processes the ultimate aim of which is to achieve results in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. The methodology is used to obtain the maximum results alongside the inclusion of technologies, used in this case as a lever for organizational change.

Organizational Change Management:

  • management and assessment of the human impact of the transformation;
  • support for the team in developing and governing the innovation also by overcoming the natural resistance to change.

Quality Assurance & Problem Solving:

  • systematic checking of the project and the business model being implemented;
  • activation of action plans and checking in case of problems presenting in the implementation process; 
  • adoption of re-engineered technology or processes.

Post Implementation Review & Continuous Improvement:

  • identification of the critical issues in the processes and technologies adopted;
  • identification of the opportunities not yet exploited;
  • identification and implementation of continuous improvement plans.


e-nnovation lab can cover many different roles according to the needs of the enterprise, including different levels of involvement:

  • consulting
  • project management 
  • change management 
  • temporary management

e-nnovation lab can plan, create and deliver defined strategies and turnkey projects. Or, it can also offer a temporary consulting service for an agreed number of hours.


e-nnovation lab works alongside companies belonging to many different industries and markets, such as:

  • discrete manufacturing
  • industrial equipment & machinery
  • automotive
  • high tech & electronics
  • engineering & construction 
  • professional services 
  • ICT