Who is the innovation manager?

He could be defined “the man of change”. The innovation manager, in actual fact, manages the technological transformation of a company, pursuing a strategy of growth and development. He knows the company situation and its processes, and identifies opportunities that could make it more competitive. Furthermore, the innovation manager can foresee the scenarios that will shake up the reference market.

Thanks to his training and experience, he supports and guides the innovation by placing it within a precise context, present and above all future, in a way that brings the business real advantages.

To stimulate the digitalization of enterprises, the Ministry of Economic Development has provided funding via non-repayable loans for companies who want to use the support of an Innovation Manager. The grants awarded can cover up to 50% of the expenses, depending on the size of the enterprise. For detailed information on the terms and conditions of the request for funding, please refer to the Ministry website (MISE).

e-nnovation lab services

e-nnovation lab offers organizational, management and ICT consulting services aimed at the medium-sized enterprise sector. The e-nnovation lab team boasts a long list of best practices which, together with a pragmatic work method and strong problem-solving skills, make it the ideal partner for companies in search of innovation.


e-nnovation lab assists companies in the implementation of ERP/CRM systems, in Digital Transformation and in optimizing work processes.


e-nnovation lab can cover many different roles according to company needs, from consultant to Temporary Manager.


e-nnovation lab operates in sectors such as Automotive, High Tech, Engineering & Construction and Industrial Machinery among others.

the mission of e-nnovation lab

e-nnovation lab offers enterprises a multidisciplinary team of professionals led by the supervision of a senior consultant with many years of experience.

It is ready to intervene when the client company understands its need for a partial or radical change in its functions or processes. In addition: e-nnovation lab supports the company in identifying a new organization and in adopting technologies which accompany Digital Transformation. Furthermore, e-nnovation lab is able to convey skills and align the structures and processes with the most suitable competitive strategies for the reference market in which the company operates.

In particular, e-nnovation lab:

  • participates in all the phases of the transformation and innovation process (from the planning phase to the development and application of the solutions);
  • provides experience, methods and solutions of the highest quality at a sustainable cost for the client;
  • brings together a network of professionals with different backgrounds and distinct but complementary skills, capable of responding in a real and effective way to the innovation needs of the SME.

e-nnovation lab figures

With extensive experience gained in over thirty years of working in the world of ICT and process consulting, Roberto Passerini, CEO and founder of e-nnovation lab, is one of the pioneers in Italy, of the implementation of ERP systems in the context of the medium-sized enterprise. Over the last few years he has also been particularly active in the world of Digital Transformation of company processes.

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