cookie policy

In order to improve the present and future user experience of this website, we use cookies.

A cookie is a small text file which a website saves on the computer or mobile device of the user navigating on that site. Thanks to the cookies, the website remembers the actions and preferences expressed (for example the authentication to restricted areas, the language selected or other display settings) so that the user does not have to re-input these when they return to a website or navigate between one page and another. The cookies are also used for checking if visits are made by new or previous visitors and to memorize some information, anonymous and impersonal, regarding their navigation of the web pages (input link, exit link, navigation between the pages, time spent on the website, etc.).

By using the website, the user accepts that the “first party” and “third party” cookies indicated in the “List of cookies used” shown below will be installed on their device.

By de-activating the saving of all or some of the cookies, the navigation of the website (or some sections of it) may be compromised or limited by the absence of functions.

Types of cookies

The cookies differ from one another according to their duration, the domain that installed them and their function.

Session cookies

These are temporary files which are memorized until the user leaves the website (or the navigation browser is closed).

Persistent cookies

These are files which are stored and maintained even after the user has left the website and the browser closed. They are eliminated only after the expiry date indicated in the cookie itself.

First party” cookies

These are files which are installed on the user’s device directly by the website where the user is navigating.

Third Party” Cookies

These are files which are installed by external websites, via the code integrated in the web page you are navigating. Examples of “third party” cookies are those installed by social plugins (for sharing content) or visit analysis cookies.

Indispensable “technical” cookies

These are essential for the correct functioning of the website pages. Without these cookies, some functions may be compromised and access to the content may be limited. For example, they allow any authentication by a user or website administrator to be traced. This type of cookie does not collect any kind of personal information about the user.

Technical” Functionality cookies

These are cookies used to memorize the choices made by the user in order to improve their navigation (for example the language, or pre-fill in a form with the name used previously). This type of cookie may include personal information (for example the username). Without these cookies, some functions and the navigation between pages may be compromised.

Performance Cookies

These are cookies used in order to understand: if the users are new or returning, how they use the site, how they move between the pages, how long they remain on each page and on the website, which geographical area they reached the website from. The data do not identify the user as a person but are aggregated anonymously by the analysis instruments. De-activating these cookies does not in any way compromise the functions offered by the website.

Social widget cookies

Some widgets made available by the social networks (for example Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.) can use their own third party cookies. De-activation of these does not compromise use of the website, except in the sections where widgets can be installed (for example for the integration of videos or maps) and in some cases the possibility of rapid sharing of content or the possibility to comment on some areas of the website.

Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies are installed to show website visitors content related to their preferences. Thus they can be used to show advertisements targeted at the interests of the person. This type of cookie works in collaboration with third party websites and can keep track of past navigation on pages present in different domains. These cookies usually keep track of the IP address of the user, as well as other information, some of which may be personal. The cookies have been partially anonymized so as not to allow third parties to use them for profiling purposes.

Di seguito i cookie utilizzati dal sito

Technical cookies:

  • name: cookieconsent_(value)
  • duration: 1 year
  • description: reminds the device to prevent the visualization of banners on cookies in subsequent visits.
  • name: itsec-hb-login-(hash)
  • duration: session
  • description: used for the security of the website to block any potential hackers.
  • name: _icl_current_language
  • duration: 1 day
  • description: in a multi-language website, memorizes the current language

Analytical Cookies:

Third party cookies:

This website may use embedded objects which download third party cookies, often capable of performing a profiling of the interests, searches or navigation of the user for which you can find below the detailed links for information and managing their consent.

Videos on Youtube: this website may incorporate Youtube videos, property of Google, capable of performing a profiling, used by this website for the purpose of showing Youtube videos.

Google maps: this website may incorporate Google maps, capable of performing a profiling, used by this website for the purpose of showing Google maps. Types of cookie used by Google.

Management and cancellation of cookies

In order to de-activate theuse of all or only some cookies, it is necessary to alter the settings of the navigation browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.).

Usually browsers are pre-set to accept cookies, unless these are configured differently by the user.

It is possible to make sure that the browser blocks some or all cookies, or presents a message to the user before proceeding with the installation of a cookie.

For convenience, here are the links to cookie management for the most commonly used browsers: